MATE Federation

¿What is a Identity Federation?

The Identity Federation is a solution for the problem of granting secure access for individuals to the institutional services, in a inter-institutional context. The Federation allows the use of user´s Electronic Identity, which is stored in different Identity Management Systems belonging to a community of trust, which defines common criterion and standards for the user´s identification and their access to shared resources.
While the Federation has a much wider scope, an important application is the access for web services, implementing the Web Single Sing On (Web SSO) among the Federation members.
There are many Identity Federations worldwide, not only promoting research and education in their communities, but also between Federations.


MATE Federation: Model for Access to Technology and Education

The MATE Federation is the Identity Federation initiative for the Argentinean education and investigation institutions.
This project was initiated in 2014 by InnovaRed, with the support and collaboration of ELCIRA members.
At this early stage, one of our main targets is the test Federation infrastructure deployment for Web SSO between the community institutions.


Proposal for institutions

The test Federation is currently available for institutions interested in participating and in their future incorporation in the MATE Federation.
In addition to the available Web SSO infrastructure, we offer eduroam, a service that is already able to be offered as part of the federation.
For more information, please visit the section "TEST FEDERATION".